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A synchronized world where more people are matched with better opportunities and in which we live a more sustainable and healthy life with the support of technology.

Our Contribution

Exploring and sharing about how public, non-governmental and private organisations can achieve their purpose and strategic goals by leveraging the technologies available in a connected world.

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The Connectors


Juan Cajiao – “An all-communicating World is our opportunity to transform our society for good“.

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Juan is full of passion to explore the world and excited about connecting to people. He is recognized as a creative and reliable international business developer, also interested in social ventures, with the ability to deliver value across different fields and regions.

In the past 10 years, he has been building himself up for the challenge working in four countries across three continents (Costa Rica, Romania, China and The Netherlands) on the fields of Manufacturing (ANTARES SRL), Student Talent Supply and Leadership Development (AIESEC), FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods, P&G) and ICT (Information, Communication and Technology, Ericsson) with a constant focus on how to deliver value on increasingly complex markets.

He loves travelling, doing sports and connecting through social networks. In the future, he will be an University teacher and Entrepreneur.

Speaker at:

  • TEDx Cluj.”What’s the big idea? An all-communicating world starts today!”. Romania, 2012. – See video here.
  • Interfacing Innovation. ”Inside the Innovation economy: The Lisbon agenda in times of financial crisis ”. Belgium 2009.
  • European Business Forum. “Economic migration: brain drain or brain gain?”. Belgium, 2009.
  • Point of Peace Summit. Norway, 2008.
  • Central American Industrial Engineering Seminar. “Applying Balanced Scorecard in NGOs”. Costa Rica, 2005.
  • Several AIESEC Conferences, Seminars and Meetings in countries including China, USA, Egypt, Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, among others.


Araz ELP crop smallAraz Najarian – ” Imagine everything and everyone connected everywhere and all the time – what will you contribute in the Connective Age?”

As a designer of business and organisational transformation, Araz thrives on enabling individuals and organisations to tap into insightful incites to discover and set a course towards realizing their aspiration in a connected world.

Araz has spent the last 10 years working as a manager or consultant for global organisations in the corporate, non-corporate and public sectors. Corporate organisations include: Philips (Netherlands), LeasePlan (Netherlands), TNT (Netherlands), Ernst & Young (Netherlands), Rhodia (France), Telenet (Belgium), MTN (South Africa), Siam-Makro (Thailand). Non-corporate and public sector organisations include AIESEC (International), the Global Alliance on Banking for Values (Bangladesh), the World Bank (Canada), the Government of Canada, Ministry of Industry.

Araz currently works with Executive Learning Partnership (ELP). She design and facilitates interventions with management teams, senior managers and high-potential talent groups on a range of themes related to customer loyalty, customer & employee engagement, product & service innovation, women in the workplace, the impact of social technologies on leadership and strategic leadership behaviour.

Araz is passionate about stimulating her mind and body through self-study and artistic expression. She holds various professional certifications including being an accredited practitioner of Cognitive Edge and Deep Democracy. She has trained as a ballerina with the Royal Academy of Dance completing her Elementary Certification and is always eager to learn new sports and activities. She is an avid reader of literature and has self-studied storytelling structures such as Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and it’s application by screenwriters and film directors. From these aesthetic experiences she easily finds patterns and learning points that carry over to management and leadership and applies them in her work with clients.

Speaker at:

  • Wall Street Journal Europe Future Leadership Seminar, “Leadership in the 2.0 World”. Belgium 2010.
  • Women’s International Networking Conference, “New Rules of Leadership in a Connected World”. France 2010.
  • HCL Book Launch, “Employees First, Customers Second”. United Kingdom 2010.
  • LEAP Women, “Ambition Event”. The Netherlands, 2010.
  • AIESEC International Congress, LEAD Programme “My Leadership Journey”. India, 2010.
  • London Chamber of Commerce, “How 2.0 RU?”. United Kingdom 2010.
  • Impact26, “Leading in a Connected World”. Belgium 2010.
  • University of Antwerp Management School, “Potentials Meet Practice”. Belgium 2010.
  • International Leadership Association, “Leading the Next Generation”. Czech Republic 2009.
  • The Hub Amsterdam/Rotterdam, “Global Oneness Project”. The Netherlands 2009.
  • Several AIESEC Conferences, Seminars and Meetings in countries including Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Panama, Brazil, India, Colombia, Mexico, among others.


Konrad Plechowski – “You are not just observing The Connective Age. Connecting yourself, your ideas and experiences – you ARE The Connective Age. So don’t let it shape outside of you!”

Born & raised in Poland, Konrad proudly cherishes his European roots while living his life in the world of global experiences.

Driven by the principles of justice and respect, Konrad is a strong believer the role of an individual as well as the value of systemic solutions in driving social development around the world. Having personally experienced the power of technology in fostering a growth of the global NGO as well as having seen the grassroots impact that development work may have on the single individuals; Konrad is committed to finding ways to merge both.

Konrad has worked both in Europe and Asia and has been mainly involved in the non-corporate sector – serving on the boards of the global NGOs (AIESEC) as well as managing the small local ones (Tiny Toones Cambodia). Before fully committing to building partnerships in the area of ICT4D (ICT for Development) and joining IICD, Konrad has experienced how technology is managed in the corporate sector, while working for the HQ of ING Bank.

Konrad holds two masters degrees – MSc International Business / Information Management from the Maastricht University in The Netherlands, which he graduated Cum Laude, as well as MA Economics from the Torun University in Poland.

He loves running, volleyball and Polish food, sheds a tear or two watching inspirational movies and drives his boyfriend crazy always planning new travels and adventures with his close friends.

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